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Learn about competitive swimming's first ever athlete combine,

featured at the Central States Swimmer Clinic this year.

Swimmer Combine

Swimming's First Ever Athlete Combine:
Experience It at the Central States Clinic


A mainstay in sports like football, baseball, basketball, and volleyball, the athlete combine has been missing from the world of competitive swimming. And the team at the Central States Clinic is ready to change this for swimmers!

The morning pool sessions at our Swimmer Clinic will include an athlete combine. Swimmers will be given a series of 10+ science-backed tests -- in water and on land -- to test performance metrics. You will go home knowing exactly what and how you can improve, and learn corresponding dryland exercises and water drills that will strengthen your in-water performance.

A few of the tests swimmers will undergo:

  • Block to 15 meter breakout

  • Primary stroke - pull only, pull/kick combined

  • Pull-up repetitions

  • Streamlining holds with weight

  • Chest medicine ball throws

The combine will be overseen by leading sports physiologist Dr. Genadijus Sokolovas, Olympic gold medal swimmers Breeja Larson and Cullen Jones, and coach Doug Fonder of ISCA. Dr. G will also teach an add-on course for coaches on Friday afternoon, to help them understand the combine results, and how to use them help you gain immediate improvements in your times.


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