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  • Founder of Fluid Mechanics, an aquatic consulting company

  • World Ranked swimmer at Indiana

  • Featured on NBC

Fluid Mechanics (FM) is an aquatic consulting company that takes a unique visual approach
to help competitive swimmers develop, achieve, and exceed their goals. Their swimmers
have competed in every major international competition including the Olympics, World
Championships, and World Games


FM was founded in 1987 by John B. Waldman, a renowned leader and visionary in
competitive swimming instruction and a former world-ranked swimmer and record-holder at
Indiana University. Waldman was mentored throughout his career by Dr. James E.
Counsilman (four-timeme US Olympic Coach)
– widely considered one of the most successful
coaches of all time
– who coached such swimming luminaries as Mark Spitz (7 gold medals
1972 Munich Olympics) along with gold medalists Gary Hall Sr., Charles Hickcox, and John
Kinsella to name a few.


FM uses a unique approach to dramatically improve swimmers' performance. Their visual
training system
, uses life-like avatars to teach the science of swimming. This ground-
breaking system utilizes cutting edge technique, strength, in-water training methods, and
mental strategies. With FM Animations, swimmers internalize advanced athletic concepts
at-a-glance. Simply put, swimmers just see it, then do it.


John Waldman

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